Friday, August 8, 2008

Employee Spotlight!!

These fantastic pages were made by the Page's own Stacey Van de Wiele! Stacy's hometown is Milan, Illinois. She has a husband named Brad, a 3-year old son named Ethan, a black lab named Shelly, and a cat (who think's he's a dog) named Morgan! Stacey has been scrapbooking religiously for 2 years (mainily because she couldin't resist scrapbooking pictures of Ethan!). Her scrapbooking tool must have is the Pazzles Creative Cutter (Custom Die Cutter). Stacey also loves to use patterned paper and rub-ons for almost every layout she does. Her favorite thing to scrapbook is layouts, but she also likes to create cards out of her layout scraps! A fun thing to know about Stacey is that it is nearly impossible for her to sneeze without making an involuntary high pitched (very loud) scram. It has been known to scare people that don't know her!!

So, next time you stop by the store, make sure to stop and say hello to Stacey!

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