Monday, March 2, 2009

Homemade Sympathy Cards

Did you know . . . It is estimated that Americans send nearly 125 million sympathy cards annually for many different types of losses from death to divorce? Sending a Sympathy Card is a way of telling the person who has lost a loved one that you are thinking about and supporting them during a difficult time.

A Sympathy Card is a Gift for a Grieving Heart
Bereaved people often say that the sympathy cards, condolence notes or sympathy letters from friends and family are some of their most meaningful mementos of a difficult time. The bereaved person often hold on to Sympathy Cards as treasured mementos. They may re-read the letters of condolence over again days, weeks or years after the loss, whenever they want to feel the support or remember that their loved one was missed by others.

Reasons to Send a Sympathy Card
There are many different beneficial reasons for writing a sympathy card.

*Sympathy Cards are reminders that the loved one had people who cared for and love him or her.
*Sympathy Cards show your concern and that you care.
*Sympathy Cards can help in the grieving process and the healing process.
*Sympathy Cards may become treasured mementos that are passed down through the family.
*Sending a Sympathy Card is a way of telling someone that they matter as a human being.

A Sympathy Card or note is a way to console or comfort someone who has experienced pain, grief or a misfortune; it may be one of the most meaningful, long-lasting acts of kindness and compassion you can give to a grieving person.
Kirsti A. Dyer MD, MS, FT

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