Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting Organized . . . Tips to help you organize your scrapbook life.

I found these tips on the back of the packaging from We R Memory Keepers. They are great tips to get started, so I wanted to share them with you!

Get Going
The longer you procrastinate, the bigger the pile gets. Start with your most current items first, and then work backwards.

The Photo Shuffle
Pull out the shoebox and organize your photographs into events for future pages. Keep them separate by slipping them into page protectors in your "work binder". Organize your memorabilia along with the photos. If you know which paper styles you would like to use, slip them in with your photos so you do not have to hunt them down later.

Paper Piles
Gather all your paper together and separate it into color groups. Keep patterns and solids of the same colors together. Keep cut-outs and stickers in a separate grouping. Create a spot for usable scraps as well.

Keep Track of Tools
Don't allow your scissors to "walk away" from your scrapbook stuff. Keep all your tools in one area. Invest in some drawers or containers that will keep everything together, yet easily accessible. Be sure to label the outside of the container.

Your Work Area
Choose a designated work area and place everything in this area. A room, a table, a cabinet- whatever space you have, make it your own. This way you will not be spending time running from room to room or rummaging through a closet.

Keep It Simple
Work on one project at a time. Set goals and time limits and follow through. Avoid jumping from one "cute" picture to another. Stay on task and you will be amazed at your accomplishments!

Speaking of We R Memory Keepers ...

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