Monday, August 30, 2010


The new tattoo paper from Silhouette is now in stock at The Scrapbook Page!  What fun! 

Here is a tutorial from Silhouette that walks you through step by step.  So easy.

Start by choosing your shape and importing it into your library. I am choosing a regular print and cut shape and using the "fill" method I taught you the other day.

Once you have filled your shape you are ready to mirror it. This will allow the image to transfer the correct direction.

From here copy and paste your image directly on top of itself. This will tell the Silhouette to double cut. In our new software, this will be a feature you can just select and will tell the machine to do the exact same thing.

Print your image on to the white sheet of tattoo paper. Make sure you have your registration marks selected.

Once your image is printed, peel the green backing from the transfer sheet and apply to printed tattoo paper. Using your scraper tool adhere transfer sheet firmly to tattoo paper.
Now you are ready to cut out the tattoo.

Remove cut image from tattoo paper and peel off the glossy plastic backing. You should see a sticky adhesive on your image.
Place your tattoo in the position you would like it.
Using a wet paper towel, wet down the tattoo.
Once the tattoo is fully wet remove paper backing and...voila...your very own custom tattoo.

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