Friday, September 3, 2010

Check Out the Magnet Paper!

Silhouette has done it again.  Magnet Paper!   Here is a sample and how very easy it is to design your own magnetic image.

Here is a tutorial from Silhouette...

I am going to show you how to use the magnet paper today. It is totally simple and will use your print and cut skills. First choose the shape you want. Today I am using: elegant_floral_frame_C00103_24282.

While your shape is selected right-click and choose "Fill Settings" this will allow you to choose the color you want your shape; if you aren't already working with a "Print & Cut" shape.
Choose "solid" and "modify color" then go ahead and pick a color. Click on the color and select ok. Now your shape will be filled with your color choice. If its not what you wanted go in and follow the same steps and choose another color.

Now you are ready to print. Its that easy! Make sure your registration marks are selected and then print your shape. You are going to put your magnet on your mat, secure magnet paper onto you thick media mat and load into the Silhouette. Make sure you have your cut settings with a speed of 1 and your thickness at 33. This is a very important step. The material is resilient and this will ensure an accurate cut.


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See you in the Silhouette ailsles!

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