Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All These New Tim Holts Products....What To Do, What To Do

You have seen all the fabulous Tim Holtz Products and you are proabably thinking, "...I love those, but what an I going to do with them?" 

Well, Tim has put a little thought into it and here is one of his ideas.

from Tim's blog...

well these very easy to make halloween luminaries could certainly be used for a variety of decor ideas. indoor or outdoor, used for party decor, or even in the kid's room for a fun nightlight. once you see how simple they are to make, no doubt this idea will be put to good use throughout the christmas holidays too. let's get started...t!m

supplies: paper lunch bags, cardstock/chipboard (use any recycled or leftover supplies for this), dry adhesive (glue stick or double stick tape), battery operated tealights, your favorites dies and dies cutting system (i used my alterations dies and vagabond machine)
step 1: place material to cut on to die. here i'm using chipboard sheets i've been saving and this project is perfect for using up old papers, chipboard or recycled materials.

step 2: die cut a variety of shapes and elements. i've used the following alterations dies: bewitching hour, raven & scaredy cat, on the fence, rickety house

step 3: gather up some lightweight paper lunch sacks

step 4: open bag and adhere cut shape INSIDE the bag. i prefer to adhere the elements more towards the bottom of the bag. *also be sure to use a dry adhesive like a glue stick or double-stick tape for this step. (liquid adhesive could bleed through the paper bag and we don't want that)

step 5: fold down the top of the bag by rolling it back.

step 6: repeat the previous step to have a more sturdy roll on the top of the bag. this will keep the bag open and standing tall.

step 7: get a battery operated tealight and turn it on. *if you want more light simply add 2 per bag

step 8: drop it inside the bag. *if you're putting these outdoors, fill the bag with a little dirt, sand, rocks, etc. before adding tealight to keep the bag from blowing away.

step 9: my favorite part of creating these this way is during the day it looks like an ordinary paper bag, but when night falls, enjoy the flickering of these festive and spooky luminaries.

Check out the finished products!


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evadraga said...

Woww, thx for the share! I love Tim and his things too :)