Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make your vote count!!

Cameron & Carolyn will be off to CHA soon, which means there will be mass-ordering goin' on!  So, to make sure they bring in exactly what ya' want NEED, we're asking that our customers cast their vote on new product!

Just click the links below to be taken to Tim Holtz's blog where he is showing off the new releases.  Check them out carefully, and list all of your MUST HAVES in the comment section below.  

BONUS:  everyone that votes shall be entered in a drawing for a
$25 Gift Certificate 
to The Scrapbook Page!!

There are five links, so please check all of them and comment only once:

Bird Branch die
Tattered Floral Garland die
Sewing Edge die
Retro Cirque Texture Fades
Diffusers Texture Fades

Word Play alpha die
In the Bag die
Matchbook Set die
Pocket Envelope die
Tag & Tie die
Washers die
Inside Out alpha die
Harlequin die
Halequin & Stripes Texture Fades
Bubble & Honeycomb Texture Fades

Tick-Tock die
Vintage Globe die
Vintage Typewriter die
Vintage Fan die
 Vintage Telephone die
Vintage Camera die
Clock/Camera mini-die set
Fan/Globe mini-die set
Phone/Typewriter mini-die set
Cargo Number Set die
Stenciled alpha die
Subway & Stencil Texture Fades
Book Covers Texture Fades
Diamond Plate & Riveted Metal Texture Fades

Attic Treasures
MWarehouse District
Mixed Media
Wallpaper & Wood
On the Railroad
Road Trip
Artful Voyage
Words for Thought


PrettyGirlInAPlaceLikeThis said...

I must have: the Sewing Edge die, the Retro cirque texture fade, washers die, harlequin and stripes texture fades, bubble and honeycomb texture fades, vintage typewriter die, vintage camera die, diamond plate and riveted metal texture fades, attic treasures, on the railroad, and remnants!!! I had better start saving up!

hope said...

Oh my... I want them all. My favorites on the must have list are Retro Cirque Texture Fades, In the Bag Die, Word Play Alphabet, Tag & Tie Die, Washers, Vintage Camera, Words for Thoughts and Riveted Metal Texure Fades. Wow.

kfrieling said...

I love it all...but if I have to choose...My must have list would be: Word Play Alphabet die, Vintage Camera,Tick Tock Die,Vintage Globe/Telephone/Camera,Mini-die sets in Clock/Camera and Fan/Globe and Phone/Typewriter; Americana,
Attic Treasures, Mixed Media, Road Trip, Artful Voyage and Words for Thought

Gail said...

Must have from Tim...Word Play Die. Then even though it's not on the list, I must have all the new Copic colors :)

Carol said...

I like the match book die/Bubble and honeycomb fades/Vintage camera die/Attic treasure stamp set and the road trip stamps!!

Breanne said...

I love the valentine stamps with full word backgroud, also love the disfusser texture plates. Also like match book.

Jennifer H said...

Love the travel stamps...especially the road trip and train set. Also must have the typewriter, telephone and camera stamps which means I must buy multiple sets.

KC_Stacy said...

Really like several, but think the Retro Cirque texure fades are my favorites.

Chaffin Channel said...

I have to pick just one?

Clock/Camera mini-die set

But, please, don't make me pick just one!!!