Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flower Tutorial From Teresa Collins

This is from the Teresa Collins blog...

For each flower you will need 3 die cut flower shapes. It is not important what style of flower as long as they have 6 petals.

Now you need to cut your flowers. Cut between 2 of the petals on your first flower, just into the centre, so that the flower is still whole but you have a slit between 2 of the petals. Cut 1 petal away from the second flower, again cutting between the petals into the centre of the flower. centre of each as shown above left. You should end up with 2 pieces – 1 petal and 5 petals.
With the third flower shape you need to remove 2 petals, leaving you with 2 petals and 4 petals.

You should now have 5 pieces. It’s time to start sticking!
This is the tricky bit... take the single petal and add a tiny amount of glue to one edge. Curl the paper round and stick it to form a cone shape, as shown in the picture. You might find tweezers handy at this point!

Repeat this step with the 2 petal piece.
The 3 larger pieces can be adhered in the same way, but this time you need to add glue over the whole of one petal, so that the 2 petals closest to where you made your original cuts can be completely overlapped. You should end up with 3 cones, increasing in width.
Now it’s time to assemble your flower. Take the smallest cone and put a dab of glue on the tip. Insert it into the next biggest cone as shown in the picture above. You may find it easier to snip the ends off of your cones at this stage, so you can slide them in a bit further to make your flower sturdier.
Increasing in size, keep gluing and sticking until you end up with a flower that looks something like this one!

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