Thursday, December 29, 2011

Product Spotlight... Ranger's Craft Scrubbie!

Ranger's Craft Scrubbie is an essential tool for those crafters that like to get down and dirty with inks, paints, and more!  

From Ranger's website:
The Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie cleaning bar is the gentle but effective way to easily remove inks, paints, glues, and mediums from your hands. Used with liquid soap and water, the Craft Scrubbie makes quick clean up after a crafting session of inked-up, paint-stained or glue-covered hands.

• Gentle, effective hand scrubber (or cleaner)
• Convenient smooth, rounded shape
• Removes many types of craft mediums
• Use with liquid soap and water
• Craft Scrubbie measures 2½" x 3" x 1"

And Carolyn's favorite use for this fantastic tool?  Cleaning Christmas tree sap from your hands :)  Who knew, right?
Pair this Craft Scrubbie with our 18"x15" non-stick, re-usable Splat Mat, and you are sure to keep you & your workspace sticky, gooey, and icky free!

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