Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Retirement Party pics, and a few updates...

The retirement party a couple of weeks ago was fantastic...
A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Jane & Susan for organizing the day!  Here are just a few pictures of the fun times had by all:

The registers were a happenin' place to be!

A yummy custom cake in the store colors & logo!

The homemade goodies and other snacks were soooooo good!

Awwww... Chantelle & Carolyn :)  We're gonna miss our Chantelle!

Cameron & Carolyn.  Two of the greatest bosses EVER!  We're REALLY gonna miss you guys... even the sarcasm from the bossman ;)

In other news:

Crop Tables and Chairs
Tables and chairs have been marked down!  The 8'-0" tables are now only $20 and the folding chairs are a mere $15... come in while they last!

Stickers by the Roll
More and more treasures are being discovered in the back room!!  These stickers by the roll are perfect for your scrapbooks, but also for teachers, churches and more!  Prices vary, but savings are up to 80%!

More Copic Marker Sets
One more Used Copic Class Kit was found!  So we divied it up into color blending families.
Number of markers per blending family set varies, but all equal to only $3.50 per marker

Stay tuned for future updates!

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