Saturday, June 26, 2010

Have You Been Waiting for a Little Grunge?

Look at this bracelet...

So simple and a great look.  I think that this would look great with the Tim Holtz Grunge Rose that we posted previously.

Here is step by step instructions.  You can find Tim Holtz products at the Scrapbook Page.

One sheet of Grungeboard (5"x 7 7/8")
Hobby blade
Acrylic paint
Hinge fastener
Sanding tool
Dark ink (Walnut Stain Distress ink used here)
Blending tool

Step 1

Cut the Grungeboard to the desired width.

The sample measures 1 1/2" wide.

Step 2

Round the corners of the strip with scissors.

Hint:  The Crop-A-Dile™ Corner Chomper also works to round the corners of Grungeboard.

Step 3

Paint the front of your bracelet. Let dry.
Hint:  When using embossed Grungeboard, the front will be the side with the raised pattern.
If using plain Grungeboard, you can emboss it with an embossing folder before painting.

Flip the bracelet over and paint the back.

Step 4

Sand the front of the bracelet.

This will remove the acrylic paint from the raised pattern. Clean the dust off the bracelet with a cloth.

Step 5
Sponge dark ink onto the sanded Grungeboard.
Step 6

Spray a piece of cloth lightly with water.

Wipe the Grungeboard gently with the damp cloth. The dark ink will come off the painted areas, staining only the sanded areas.

Step 7 (Optional)

Paint the piece with Pearl acrylic paint for a soft shimmer.

Step 8
Center a 3/16" hole punch on one end of your strip and punch a hole.

Hint:  Offset the hole punch just a tad and punch again for a slightly bigger hole. It will make it easier to close the bracelet.

Step 9

Fold the other end of the strip behind the end with the punched hole.

Step 10

Keeping the bracelet closed, punch a 1/8" hole through the bigger hole.

Step 11

Place the screw end of your hitch fastener through the 1/8" hole.

Screw on the top of the fastener.

Step 12

Close your bracelet.

Add embellishments.

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