Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Try the new Print and Cut!

Here is a tutorial from Silhouette for Print and Cut.

I know there's quite a few of you that have thousands of shapes, yes? Many of them are regular cut and a chunk of them are Print and Cuts, yes? Did you ever wish that one of your regular cuts could be a P&C? Well, you can!

Here's how:
Pull up your shape and ungroup it.
Select the first part of your image, right click, and choose Fill Settings.

Select a Solid Fill Type and then choose Modify Color.

Choose a color from the box on the left or choose your own custom colors by moving around the triangles on the color grid at the right or entering color values below it. You can also change the tone of the color by moving the triangle along the right bar. Once you have the color you'd like choose Add Custom Colors.

Continue changing all the colors to exactly how you need them so that it now looks like this below:
Change the green bird so it is facing the same direction by right-clicking and choosing Mirror/Horizontal Mirror.
If you notice, the green bird is behind the blue bird. To bring the green bird up front, choose the Bring To Front button on the Toolbar.
Copy (Ctrl-C), Paste(Ctrl-V) and move (Shift-Arrow) the copied image to the right. Select the entire image on the document screen and choose Offset Shape on the Toolbar.
Choose a small Offset Value, such as .04", and select the desired Method of Join.
Ungroup the new outline and remove any extra tiny pieces.
Change the Line color of this outline to something other than red. In this case, I'll choose Purple. Align the outline back with its image.

Add your Registration Marks (File/Document Settings or choose the two-corner button on the toolbar). Next, select the Output Settings button on the toolbar and then you'll get this screen below. Select Print Settings and make sure that Print Cut Lines is not checked. This way, any of the lines in your file will not be printed.

You must print the file before doing this next step.
Now this next step is key to having Silhouette cut the image correctly. Choose Output Settings again on your Toolbar and in the menu choose Cutting Settings and then Cutline Settings.

Because we want Silhouette to ignore all cutlines except for our purple outside line, we are only going to check the Purple cutline. Now Silhouette will cut that line only, giving you the perfect outline to your shape. (Note: If you uncheck the red line before you print, the red line will print with your file.)

Print your image so it now looks like this:

Run it through your Silhouette and now you have your very own Print & Cut image . . . from a regular cut image!


You can now use this for multiple cards, customize a shape in the colors you want for a printable heat transfer shirt . . . just some never-ending fun! I've used it on a little tank top here--mixing it with some regular smooth black heat transfer.
Now, this may not work for every image out there, but you can sure have fun with quite a few of them! Give it a try on just regular paper and see how it works for you!

WOW!  Looks like fun.  Come by The Scrapbook Page and get your supplies and see what you can create!

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