Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We all know the Silhouette can cut anything you can dream up, even teeny tiny intricate shapes. Problem: tiny shapes make tiny cuts which make it a little difficult to weed those little guys out. Solution: Double Cutting. Did you know that the silhouette has a feature that allows you to cut your image twice? Simply drag your image and scale to the size you want as I have done here and then either go to your edit bar and right-click on copy, hit ctrl+c, or left click on the image and select copy. You can see my outlines in blue below.

Now that you are done with that step, again go to your edit menu right-click on paste, ctrl+v, or left-click and select paste. Now your image has green outlines. That just means you have two of the exact same image on top of one another.

From here you will go ahead and cut out your image. The silhouette does the rest! It goes over the cutting lines twice which makes your job weeding the shape super easy! Seriously, mostly all the negative space stays right on your cutting mat.

Here is some inspiration on a fun card using this double cutting method to show you just how crispy clean your cuts will be! Enjoy!

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