Thursday, November 18, 2010

Another Pumpkin for the Thanksgiving Table

So enter my 3D paper pumpkins. Pick out some pretty paper, add a little Mod Podge, throw on some good old Rock n' Roll twist music, and voila! Magical paper pumpkins.

Scrapbook paper in shades of brown
Scrapbook paper in coordinating designs
Original Mod Podge (matte finish)

Hot glue gun, wire cutter & wire pliers
Floral wire

To make the pumpkin stem, cut strips of brown paper (I used Basic Grey Paper Pack in Basic Kraft) into 2 to 3 inch strips. Cover strip on both sides with Mod Podge and twist paper into a stick. Make sure paper is twisted tight, and not just rolled up. It should not be a hollow tube. Make several sticks, in alternating colors and widths, and allow to dry. Trim sticks to desired length (slightly shorter than your pumpkin will be tall) and glue several of them together to create a stalk.

Cut coordinating papers into one inch strips. I used Basic Grey Paper Pack in Capella. Dip a strip into Mod Podge to cover completely, and remove excess. Twist the piece into a tight stick, taking care not to rip the paper, or leave it hollow. Place onto non stick surface to dry. Repeat with more paper strips.

When mostly dry (as early as 20 minutes) bend each paper stick into a "C" shape and hot glue onto the stem starting about an inch down from the top, and ending by slightly overlapping the bottom. Attach paper strips one by one, shaping them as you go. Eventually the paper sticks will completely cover the bottom of the stem, and accumulate several layers to add dimension to the project. Continue until your pumpkin is the size and shape you want.

Cut paper into very thin strips (about ⅛ in.) and cover with Mod Podge. Wind paper around floral wire to fully cover, and allow to dry. Use round nose pliers to bend into tendrils. You can also coil the wire around a pencil, but I find this to make the curls a bit too perfect. I like to keep things a little messy and inconsistent. Glue the tendrils close to the stem, and arrange them as you wish.

Here's a few tips I found helpful along the way:

Wear latex gloves when Mod Podging (it helps keep things moving faster).
Try to be in a time and place free from interruptions, because it's hard to respond with your hands covered in a gooey mess!


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